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Planning, in the times we live in, has become practically impossible. Life has become more unpredictable, even holidays or escapes are decided at the last moment. Within the professional sphere, it is also more difficult to balance travel with the multitude of tasks to be done.


Last-minute apartments and villas are accommodation options that you can’t afford to miss if you’re looking for accommodation for yesterday – from today to tomorrow. With PuroDreams you get access to the best opportunities at the last minute.


To benefit from a last minute discount in Spain on a luxury apartment is a stroke of luck. Accessing luxury accommodation at a price you can afford when a week ago it was unthinkable is a great opportunity you can’t pass up. PuroDreams is affordable luxury designed for you.


Advantages of booking a last-minute at Puro Dreams

Many times, booking an apartment at the last minute is complicated and what we thought was easy becomes an unproductive waste of time. What is the problem? Looking in the wrong place. With PuroDreams you won’t go wrong.


If you go to PuroDreams you’ll find a luxury last-minute for your next trip, a stay where you can enjoy a few relaxing days of your dreams, in a fast, easy and simple way. Don’t get complicated and access your quality search engine. It is the organized improvisation that gives us practicality and efficiency in the day to day.


It is no longer necessary to wait for a promotion of the luxury apartment in Madrid where you usually stay on your visits to the city. Now, with PuroDreams you’ll find a last-minute offer from that same establishment or another one with the same or superior characteristics. You can find any destination with numerous options last-minute luxury homes.


9 Reasons to book a last minute luxury flat or villa at Puro Dreams

Are you looking for simple, pure and beautiful inspiration for a travel destination and accommodation that exceeds your expectations? Then a last-minute luxury offer or villa rental with private pool might suit you. Do you want to know why?

The trend when it comes to booking accommodation or holidays has changed, planning has shifted from medium and long term to short term and Puro Dreams last-minute deals have become the protagonists in web searches for luxury travellers.

We give you 9 reasons to book a luxury flat or villa with a last minute offer in Spain through Puro Dreams::

    1. Tailor-made luxury last-minute offers
    2. Last-minute reservations in record time
    3. Professional Property Managers 
    4. Specialized anti-covid cleaning
    5. Search offers available according to dates
    6. Best price guarantee with discounts up to 70% off
    7. Last-minute bookings up to 90 days in advance
    8. Secure Payment
    9. Personalized assistance

Think that with Puro Dreams finding a solution to your last-minute plans will be a piece of cake.

1. – Tailor-made luxury last-minute offers

At PuroDreams you’re sure to find a last-minute offer adapted to what you’re looking for. We have selected the best properties from the best managers throughout Spain in an exclusive collection of luxury apartments and villas.


Authentic luxury accommodations, unique and ready for you today, because with the date search you can find today what you are looking for tonight, tomorrow and beyond – up to 90 days.


The possibilities of selecting a last-minute villa rental, a luxury tourist apartment in the main destinations of Spain with a last-minute offer are widening every day. And if you do not find what you are looking for, do not worry, you can call us and we will attend you personally.


The selection of a last-minute villa rental, of a luxury tourist apartment in Madrid, of a last minute hotel offer or of any last minute villa in the main destinations is wide and exclusive.


The accommodations we offer you are of the highest quality and all of them are managed by verified agencies and professionals specialized in the sector. All the accommodations have exclusive equipment, a careful interior design, with character and an unbeatable location.


If you find an offer on the house you’re looking for. Book it! Usually these properties are in high demand


Extraordinary apartments, family duplexes, penthouses with terraces, urban lofts, apartments with services, aparthotels, houses, villas, chalets, mansions, palaces, stately homes, country houses, yachts, in short, a great selection of the best accommodation, all with last-minute offers, at your fingertips.

2. – Last-minute reservations in record time

With Purodreams you save time, as well as money, in booking your luxury last-minute accommodation as all properties advertised have an active last minute offer.



Finding an apartment or villa in the city, country or on the coast with a last minute offer is quick and easy.



Most properties on Puro Dreams accept immediate reservations and do not require the manager’s approval. If you like a villa with a last minute rental and it is an accommodation that does not accept direct booking, do not worry, we guarantee a quick response; in a maximum of 24 hours we will confirm your stay – you can call us anytime to personally attend to your reservation.

3. – Professional Property Managers

At Purodreams we offer you exclusive and superior quality accommodations, so all properties with last-minute offers that you can access are managed with exquisite care. The property managers and property agencies we work with have been verified to guarantee a professional service throughout the process.


All the services provided by the managers and professional accommodation management agencies we offer are guaranteed to be of high quality, discreet and serious. If you have got a last minute offer in Spain, with it you also have access to an extensive network to help you book a driver, a chef, a yacht, a concierge service, tickets for the best golf courses, restaurants or clubs. Making your stay unforgettable is their job.


All advertised tourist properties are registered, authorized to accommodate guests and have guaranteed services.


4. – Specialized anti-covid cleaning

At PuroDreams we guarantee that the management agencies of the luxury last-minute establishments we offer comply with all ANTI-COVID cleaning protocols and the recommendations issued by the Spanish Institute for Tourism Quality (ICTE) in collaboration with the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.


5. – Search offers available according to dates

 What are you looking for? Vacation villas in the countryside or the coast in Spain or a luxury apartment in the center of Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella or Ibiza? Well, don’t think twice about it and choose the last-minute offer that best suits your preferences.


At PuroDreams, our exclusive search engine makes it easy to discover accommodations with offers available on your travel dates. All you have to do is enter your travel dates and the search engine will only show you accommodations with last-minute offers available in the selected location.


We offer last-minute luxury homes with up to 90 days notice for your reservation. Active last-minute offers for today, tomorrow, next weekend and getaways with a forecast of up to three months.


6. – Best price guarantee with discounts up to 70% off

Looking for something special for your next trip? Take advantage of a last-minute offer with an immediate discount on your reservation of up to 70% of the total price per night. At Puro Dreams you save money and gain in quality accommodation and exclusivity.

Luxury vacation property agents and managers reduce the prices of the accommodations they manage if there are vacancies in the establishment due to booking failure or seasonal demand with quieter occupancy periods. When vacancies arise, we will echo them and make available to you the most interesting discounts and offers.

We show you the most exclusive urban and holiday homes with the biggest discounts last-minute.the most exclusive accommodations also prefer to be occupied, do not let your last minute offer escape. Book them at Puro Dreams!

7. – Reservations last-minute up to 90 days prior to stay

All apartments and villas listed on Puro Dreams have an active last minute offer. Not only for today, the current week, next weekend and occasional breaks in the next few days. We offer you the possibility of reserving an establishment up to three months in advance.



Booking with 90 days in advance of the accommodation is a clear advantage for the customer, since you are guaranteed to spend a few days in the most suitable establishment to cover your requirements with regard to style, quality, equipment and location. You ensure that you do not lose it and you take advantage of a great economic opportunity.



Advantages and more advantages, with Puro Dreams you can organize a vacation from one day to another or with some foresight. A complete and useful alternative to meet your needs.


8. – Secure payment

Have you decided to rent a last-minute apartment in Madrid? With Puro Dreams you have a payment system with reinforced client authentication so that you can manage your reservation in the safest possible way. This means that your bank will call you or send you a text message to approve the transaction.



All transactions are processed through the PCI-DSS regulation system offered by Stripe [1]: our technology is based on credit card tokenization, following the EU security regulations SCA – Strong Customer Authentication.


 9. – Personalized assistance

At Puro Dreams we help you find the best stay. You always have a personalized assistance team at your service. You have a direct phone number from which we will respond to your needs during the reservation and help you find that special accommodation at the best price.



After making the reservation you will receive immediate confirmation by email. On the booking form we will provide you with the contact details of the property manager. This professional will be the one you should contact to facilitate your arrival.



In addition, in your client area of the Puro Dreams website you can access all your reservations and receipts at any time.


At Puro Dreams we want the best for you and that is why we have selected the most inspiring luxury last-minute villas, hotels and apartments to suit your tastes and needs. A new lifestyle defines your tastes and your search for accommodations. Travel at a different pace, forget about plans and stress and access luxury apartments and villas with last-minute offers is possible at Puro Dreams.

Try Puro Dreams to benefit from its effectiveness and get the best stay. Last-minute lifestyle, no plans, no stress

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