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instant luxury rentals with puro dreams

The best things in life are unexpected – with a Puro Dreams subscription, luxury can be too. We redefine ‘last-minute’ as an immediate luxury experience, not just a cut-rate deal. Experience last-minute luxury vacation rentals like never before with the exclusive benefits of our free subscription

In a world full of surprises, Puro Dreams acts as a beacon of spontaneity, infusing the unexpected into the realm of luxury rentals. As a subscriber, you’re privileged to a world of evolving luxury that meets the unpredictable with style and elegance. Our subscription unleashes a new facet of luxury, crafted for the diverse needs and desires of our esteemed clientele.

We also hold a steadfast commitment to our community. Each booking contributes to supporting homeless individuals and budding entrepreneurs, driving meaningful change in our society. And when you subscribe, you’re not only opening the door to immediate luxury experiences; you’re becoming part of a greater cause. Our service categories, God’s Mode, Angel’s Mode, and King’s Mode, are reserved for subscribers only – each luxury moment you indulge in contributes towards making a difference.

Last-Minute Luxury: Redefined

Puro Dreams revolutionizes the concept of ‘last-minute’ in the luxury sector. We know it’s not just about discounts – it’s about valued time and outstanding service. Whether you’re looking for an exceptional discount or a fully arranged, last-minute luxury experience, we have you covered. Puro Dreams brings forth the unexpected, turning last-minute planning into a delightful surprise rather than a desperate search. Welcome to a world where ‘last-minute’ means superior service, unforgettable experiences, and yes, excellent deals .

god's mode

For the discerning voyager, seeking the quintessence of luxury at a moment’s notice, we offer God’s Mode. Notwithstanding its design tailored to the elite, we grant access to all clients who dare to aspire for this superlative service tier. Our dedicated team assures the immaculate condition of your selected property while orchestrating unparalleled experiences. Mind you, such transcendent services carry a commensurate fee.

angel's mode

Angel’s Mode is a meticulously crafted proposition for those appreciating the invaluable assistance of connoisseurs in securing their perfect luxury dwelling, even at the eleventh hour. Let us undertake the toil for you. Please note that such deluxe assistance services bear an additional charge, yet their accessibility remains unhindered to all, regardless of their subscription status.

king's mode

For the sartorial luxury aficionado with an eye for a deal, we present the King’s Mode. Relish the thrill of snagging last-minute discounts on our premium estates without forsaking an iota of luxury. While the deluxe last-minute assistance benefits of Angel and God Modes are beyond your purview, you may always ascend to a higher service tier should you deem it worth the expense.

Unlock Your instant Luxury Experience

Elevate Your Luxury Journey with a Puro Dreams Subscription.

Seize the Opulence

Dare to ascend the divine ladder of luxury with a Puro Dreams subscription. Navigate through the realms of God’s Mode, Angel’s Mode, and King’s Mode with remarkable ease, enjoying exclusive perks and unparalleled experiences along the way. 

Amplify the Spontaneity

With your subscription, access meticulously curated luxury experiences in God’s Mode, receive complimentary assistance in Angel’s Mode, and benefit from irresistible last-minute discounts in King’s Mode. Embrace a world where the exceptional is your standard.


Experience spontaneous luxury with Puro Dreams. Our premier last-minute services and remarkable discounts are curated to surpass your every expectation.

Fostering Change, One Stay at a Time

At Puro Dreams, we believe in the power of luxury to make a difference. With each booking, you don’t just open the door to an unparalleled experience; you’re also supporting a noble cause. 

Homelessness Support

Every Puro Dreams stay contributes towards providing safe shelter and warm meals for those in need. Our mission is to bring comfort not just to our clients, but to the less fortunate as well. When you choose Puro Dreams, you’re not just opting for an exceptional stay; you’re becoming a part of a community that fosters change and drives meaningful impact. Welcome to the world of responsible luxury.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

We’re passionate about fostering innovation and nurturing entrepreneurial spirit. A part of our profit goes towards funding promising start-ups, offering them a platform to turn their dreams into reality. But our commitment extends beyond financial support. We encourage these aspiring entrepreneurs to provide opportunities to those less fortunate, helping them to re-engage with life’s ambitions and aspirations.


Unearth the unexpected luxury that awaits you.

‘Last minute’ at Puro Dreams is more than just scoring a great discount. It’s about seizing the unexpected luxury experience that awaits you. While we offer remarkable discounts, our prime focus is on delivering unforgettable and spontaneous luxury experiences.

As a subscriber, simply enter your preferred mode, desired location, check-in and check-out dates in the search bar on our homepage. You can also enter your email for personalized recommendations and exclusive deals only available for our subscribed members. If you aren’t a subscriber, you’re still welcome to search our properties and request a booking, but please note that discounts, assistance, and certain experiences are exclusive to our subscribed members. Consider subscribing to unlock the full Puro Dreams experience

Each Mode corresponds to a distinct stratum of services we provide. God’s Mode is designed for the ones who aspire to the most exclusive, last-minute services, replete with personal attention and unparalleled experiences. Angel’s Mode caters to those valuing expert assistance in securing their perfect luxury rental, and King’s Mode is tailored for luxury lovers enjoying a great deal without compromising on luxury. Bear in mind, these Modes are not the preserve of certain clients: all are entitled to choose any service tier, given they are prepared to bear the accompanying cost.

Subscribing to Puro Dreams opens the gates to an elevated luxury experience. As a subscriber, you’ll have access to exceptional last-minute discounts and comprehensive, customized luxury experiences. Regardless of your chosen Mode, your subscription ensures priority access to our finest properties and the exquisite privileges that come with being part of the Puro Dreams community

A part of our profit from each booking goes towards supporting homeless individuals and budding entrepreneurs. We believe in giving back to our community and driving meaningful change in our society.

Subscribe to Puro Dreams today and transform your last-minute plans into unforgettable experiences.

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