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Ascari Race Resort: Marbella’s Secret Playground for Speed Enthusiasts

Discover the Beverly Hills of Europe

The pinnacle of a private Race Club

Nestled in the mountains near Ronda, just a stone’s throw from Marbella’s most exclusive areas, lies Ascari Race Resort. Conceived by Dutch billionaire Klaas Zwart in 2004, this unique racing track is more than just a circuit. Ascari harbors a secret reminiscent of a James Bond movie: beneath its tarmac lies a state-of-the-art security system sheltering the prized automobiles of the Costa del Sol’s wealthiest. The garage spans over 3,000 square meters across two floors, filled with high-end cars, making it a veritable automotive museum accessible only to those who can afford the 19,000 euros annual membership fee. This fee grants members the privilege to race their own cars for up to fifteen days a year.

Ascari Race Resort has become the five-star haven for high-performance car aficionados, attracting wealthy individuals from Sotogrande, Marbella, and beyond. The facility houses a diverse collection of vehicles, from luxury sports cars frequently seen cruising through Puerto Banús to state-of-the-art Formula 1 cars. Members simply call ahead, and the Ascari team ensures their vehicle is race-ready, handling everything from refueling to maintenance.

Designed thoughtfully with consideration for the original orography and grove, Ascari presents a challenging yet well-balanced 5.425 km (3.371 mi) long motor racing circuit, allowing drivers to revel in the driving rhythm, speed, and the surrounding natural beauty. It’s a place where the thrill of speed is balanced with moments of relaxation, set against a magnificent natural backdrop with dining establishments and areas for unwinding.

Despite the region’s typical 40-degree temperatures, the circuit is fully equipped with all necessary safety and comfort systems. For many owners, Ascari offers a rare opportunity to push their sports cars to the limits, reaching speeds of 220 km/h on Spain’s longest track. Besides the main circuit, Ascari provides tracks for 4x4s, karts, buggies, and a skid pad, along with dreamy facilities for hosting a range of extreme events and conventions.

Not only is Ascari a playground for drivers, but it also delights spectators with its collection of legendary cars, including Michael Schumacher’s 1995 World Championship-winning Benetton car, several Porsches, a Ferrari Daytona, and a Rolls-Royce Phantom once owned by Franco’s royal house, among others from Zwart’s personal collection.

Aside from its thrilling driving experiences, Ascari Race Resort offers an array of amenities, including the luxurious Ascari Country House for accommodations or relaxation, complete with a swimming pool, bar, loungers, and walking areas for a pleasant family day. It’s a sanctuary of speed and tranquility, just a helicopter ride away from Marbella—complete with a helipad to accommodate the many clients, including the owner, who prefer to arrive by air.

Ascari Race Resort encapsulates the essence of luxury and adrenaline, providing an exclusive retreat for motor enthusiasts and their families looking to escape the ordinary, all within close proximity to the lavish lifestyle of Marbella.

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