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terms and conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully, which contain important and binding information about your legal rights, resources and obligations. By accessing or using the Platform, either through the website, mobile, tablet or any other digital application, you accept these Terms of Contract and Service.

  1. – Background

We, Puro Dreams SL, a company registered in Spain with VAT number B95974010 and registered office at Avda. Libertador Bolivar, 16 – 48920 Bizkaia (hereinafter “Purodreams” “Puro Dreams”, “”, “Puro Dreams” “we”, “us” or “ours” ), we are the operator of the website (“website”) and the platform available to Purodreams Members through the website (“platform”).

The website allows Professional Touristic Property Managers to book and Guest to book the stay for vacation or short stay periods. Purodreams provides brokerage services for short-stay accommodation through the website or any application managed by Purodreams (hereinafter, services, the “Service”). These Terms and Conditions apply to short-stay Accommodation Reservations.

These Terms and Conditions are applicable and binding for registered Purodreams Members as well as anyone who accesses our website.

At any time we can change these Terms and Conditions, publishing any new version of them on our website. By continuing to use our website, we are giving your express acceptance to the specific Terms and Conditions at that time.

Purodreams may not have to access the Purodreams website, platform or any other application, it will always be available or any content on it will not be interrupted, errors or omissions. However, we will apply our knowledge in a reasonable and careful way to avoid stories of interruptions, unavailability, errors or omissions in performance, safety and quality controls.

  1. – Definitions

“” (hereinafter “Purodreams”, “”, “we”, “us” or “our”) is part of Puro Dreams, S.L. – CIF: B95974010 – Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Vizcaya, Volume 5885, Folio 153, Sheet BI-74133. Puro Dreams, S.L., is a Spanish company with registered office at registered office at Avda. Simón Bolivar, 16-48920, Bizkaia.

“You”, “you”, “Your” and “your” are defined as the person who accepts the terms of this Agreement or the company that this person represents.

“Platform” and “Service” means the software provided by and available on and subdomains (the “Rental Site”).

“Property Manager”, “Manager” and “Managers” refer to you or your employees, representatives, consultants, contractors or agents who are affected to use the Purodreams platform on your behalf and who have provided user identifications and passwords.

“Accommodation” refers to the physical property for which quality you have the legal right to create an advertisement and rent it on short notice to guests.

“Advert (s)” means the content, images, text descriptions, video, prices and other data provided by you through the service to represent the Accommodation that you make available to Guests.

“Post” means the action you have taken to make your listing available to guests through

“Guest” refers to a third party with whom you contract the rental of an Accommodation presented by an Ad published through Service, where the Reservation and Payment, or part of the Payment, of the Reservation are processed through

“Booking rules” refers to the rules that define for each Ad, including check-in days, minimum statistics, nightly rates and discounts that include discounts for long stays, seasonal price adjustments, discounts early bird and last minute discounts.

“Instant Booking” means the status of an Ad that does not require your explicit acceptance of the Booking made by a user before confirming.

“Confirmed reservation” means an agreement between you and a guest for the rental of an Accommodation held by an Ad.

“Canceled reservation” means a confirmed reservation that you or the guest have explicitly canceled by completing the cancel reservation steps.

“Guest Collection” means the money authorized and collected by the guest’s for a reservation request or confirmed reservation as a collection agent of the agency or a tourist floor management professional who advertises their home on

“Manager cancellation policy” means a predefined set of rules that you select per advertisement on the platform that defines the refund available to the guest in case they cancel a confirmed reservation.

“Calendar” means the calendar for each property showing available and unavailable nights to reserve.

“Calendar Synchronization” means a service provided by to import third-party calendar events into the calendar and export calendar events using the iCalendar format.

“Purodreams / Manager Agreement” means a set of rules and commercial terms between you, manager of tourist accommodation announced on and Puro Dreams S.L. that define the relationship model, the action protocols, the Service Fees, the Payment Terms and the Purodreams / Manager contract conditions.

“Service Fee” refers to the amounts that deducts from the Reservations to cover the costs of providing our Service, the direct costs of the Reservations and the financial costs of processing the payments of the Guests and their payments.

“Cancellation Charges” refers to the charges that you agree to pay if you cancel a confirmed Reservation that is defined in more detail in this Agreement.

“Payment” means the money the manager of receives for a reservation after we have deducted our service fees. A payment will be made to the payment method, chosen and designated by you, in accordance with the payment terms of your contract with Puro Dreams S.L.

“Accommodation Fee”: fees – in whole or in part – that we collect from Guests on behalf of the Manager for the occupation of the Manager’s Accommodation and any additional services that have been requested.

“Security Deposit”: amount specified in the Accommodation Announcement, a deposit against all damage caused in the Accommodation during the Guest’s stay. The amount will be imposed as established in this Article.

“Service Fee or Service Fee”: fee we charge the Managers for our services. The Service Fee stands at 15% on apartments and 10% on villas and mansions of the total Booking Request plus the extra services that have been contracted through the platform and discounting the security deposit, cleaning costs and tourist taxes or fees . Guests acknowledge and agree that once the Booking Confirmation has been sent, the Purodreams Service Fee is non-refundable.

“Payment terms” refers to the set of predefined rules established by your Contract that determines the amount of the Service Fee and the payment date that will be applied to a confirmed Reservation.

“Payment method” refers to the details of your bank account or other supported financial account to which we transfer your payment.

“Intellectual property rights” means non-patented inventions, patent applications, patents, design rights, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade names, domain name rights, know-how, and other trade secret rights. , and all other intellectual property rights derived from them and forms of protection of a similar nature anywhere in the world.

III. – Agreement

By clicking “Register” and creating a account, you represent that you are authorized to enter into this Agreement as a private person, or as an authorized representative of the company you represent, and as part of this Agreement with You agree to abide by all of these Terms.

Please note that these Terms and Conditions are set out in addition to the terms applicable to Purodreams Registered Members who reserve accommodation (“Accommodation”) through our website (“Guests”) and to Purodreams Registered Members who are Accommodation Managers (“Managers”). The terms of the Manager / Purodreams Contract are an integral part of these Terms and Conditions. Any reference to the Terms and Conditions includes the terms of all the Contracts included here.

These Terms and Conditions constitute a legally binding contract between you and Purodreams (as established below) and you must read them carefully.

You also agree that our Privacy and Cookie Policy is part of these terms and conditions.

  1. – Service

We provide as an online service, which means that all services provided are in digital format and hard copies of the data or services will not be made available.

  1. The website is a platform that seeks to connect Guests with professional managers of tourist homes. We are not part of the Contract established between the Guest and the Manager, and we are not the owner or operator of any Accommodation published on our website, nor are we an organizer or retailer of package tours, in accordance with Directive (EU) 2015/2302 . We are not responsible for any of the actions or omissions of the Guests or the Managers. provides an online property management service that takes the form of a software platform that you can use to promote your short-term rental property (s) and book nights at the property you own, manage or have authority to represent.
  2. We do not own, manage or have any type of right on the Accommodations that the professional Managers advertise on our website (“Ads”) and we are not responsible or offer any guarantee or representation in relation to any inaccuracy in the Ads or the lack of suitability or security of the rooms for the use foreseen by the Guest. It is the Manager’s responsibility to ensure that the descriptions made in the Ad are correct since they are trusted by the Guest and Purodreams. The Manager accepts and guarantees that it will ensure that its Advertisements are updated and correct at all times and the Guest agrees that, prior to making the reservation, it has carried out all the necessary investigations to ensure that the proposed Accommodation meets its requirements. needs.
  3. We do not carry out due diligence or checks on money laundering or identity on the Guests (beyond the discretion that we can carry out the verification of the identity of the Guests). It is the Manager’s responsibility to act with due diligence and attention before accepting a Reservation Request.
  4. The Manager is responsible for the acceptance of the Reservation, Purodreams provides an introductory service without giving any guarantee on the suitability of the Guest.
  5. Your personal information will be collected and processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You guarantee us that all the information provided by you is correct.
  6. As a Purodreams Member you must not discriminate against anyone for any reason or abuse, offend or defame any person. You may not send communications that are discriminatory, offensive, or defamatory on our website and / or our platform or other digital media, and you cannot act in a discriminatory manner, in writing or in person. We have the right to block your access and use of the Purodreams website, platform, digital media and services and to remove you as a Purodreams Member.
  1. – User agreements

To be a Member of Purodreams (and therefore to be able to advertise or reserve an Accommodation through our website as Manager or Guest), you need to create an account with us. You will be asked to provide certain information for registration – this information must be true and accurate. We will send you a confirmation email once your account is open.

Only those over the age of 18 can create an account and be Registered Members of Purodreams. Please also do not create more than one account with us. Your personal information will be collected and processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

You guarantee us that all the information provided by you is correct.

  1. – Property Managers at Purodreams

All Property Manager accounts on Purodreams must have a verified email address and verified mobile phone number to be activated.

  1. At Purodreams, the owners act through agents (“Managers”), or are themselves managers of multiple properties, to manage the Advertisement (s) of the properties they manage and fulfill the obligations of the Manager established in these Terms and Conditions, the Manager / Purodreams Contract that regulates the relationships we establish with the Manager and the Guest / Purodreams Contract that establishes the regulatory framework for the relationship between the host and the property manager.
  2. The Manager is the one to whom all communications will be sent and from which instructions will be received and therefore the Manager’s data will appear and with which we will communicate.
  3. As Manager, you declare and guarantee us and we can assume that, you have been appointed by the Owner as Manager, we can treat and follow your instructions in all aspects regarding Advertisements and Reservations, unless a Owner notifies us in writing to the contrary. This includes (among other things): the approval of Ads; Acceptance of Reservations; establish the Manager’s Applicable Cancellation Policy and the House Rules, Accommodation Rates, calendar availability and carry out any other obligations or services of the Owner.
  4. It is the Manager’s responsibility to establish with the Owners the terms of their contract, Purodreams not being responsible for any action carried out by the Manager that exceeds the same.
  5. The contract between the Owner and its Manager must not conflict with these Terms and Conditions and other terms applicable to the Reservations.
  6. The Manager must act with due diligence and care.

By registering a Manager account, you accept the following responsibilities:

  1. Make sure that your account details and user profile are correct and up to date;
  2. Create, post, maintain or approve the advertisements of your managed properties;
  3. Make sure your properties provide a true and accurate representation of your accommodation;
  4. Make sure that your rates are configured correctly at least 3 months in advance;
  5. Make sure your calendars are always up to date by calendar synchronization or by blocking dates not available manually on your calendar;
  6. Make sure you have the rights to upload all the content of your properties, including the copyright of the images you upload;
  7. Make sure that if your property is temporarily or permanently unavailable, or if you do not accept reservations for a specified period of time, cancel your listing or close the properties calendar;
  8. Solve double reservations to the satisfaction of the guest;
  9. Contact guests prior to check-in to inform about check-in procedures;
  10. Resolve post-check-in issues, including Guest complaints about the quality of the Accommodation;
  11. Agreeing to provide your Rental Accommodation in accordance with the terms set forth herein and that the contract you sign with guests will not conflict with these terms;
  12. Solve the problems caused by the fact that you or the guest have failed to comply with the Terms agreed through the platform;
  13. Notify us of any problems you encounter during the guest’s rental period no later than 24 hours after the departure date by sending an email to
  14. Provide proof of your identity and legal right to advertise and offer to reserve any accommodation described by the Properties in your account at our request.
  15. Do not cancel a Reservation except in exceptional circumstances.
  1. – Listing announcements

You acknowledge and agree that only you are responsible for all Listings that you post.

Accordingly, you declare and guarantee that you have the legal right to advertise the rental of the Accommodation represented by any advertisement you publish using the Service. Specifically, you represent and warrant that any Announcement you post and the booking of, or a Guest’s stay in, Accommodation in an Ad you post: (i) will not breach any agreement it has entered into with third parties, such as homeowners associations, leases or rentals, and (ii) will comply with all applicable laws (such as zoning laws and laws governing residential and other property rentals), tax requirements, intellectual property laws and rules and regulations that may apply to any Accommodation included in a Listing you post (including having all required permissions, licenses and enrollments), and not in conflict with the rights of third parties. assumes no responsibility for a property manager’s compliance with third party agreements or obligations, applicable laws, rules and regulations. reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to remove or disable access to any Ad for any reason, including Ads that, in its sole discretion, deems unacceptable for any reason, in violation of these Terms, or otherwise harmful to the Service.

  1. – Booking management

The management of reservations, be they reservation requests or confirmed reservations, is the sole responsibility of the manager.

You (Manager) understand and accept that does not act as an insurer or as its contracting agent. If a guest reserves their Accommodation and stays in their Accommodation, any agreement they enter into with that guest is between you and the guest, and is not part of it.

For clarity, the moment a reservation is confirmed by instant confirmation of the instant reservation lists, an agreement is concluded between you (Manager) and the guest. In addition, at the time a reservation is confirmed, you (Manager) agree to pay the fees specified in this Agreement.

The terms of each reservation, such as available dates, check-in days, minimum and maximum stay, maximum number of guests allowed, discounts, advance notice, guest cancellation policy and Extras, are based in the information defined in your ad by you (Manager) at the time the confirmed reservation request is created. These booking terms represent an offer from you to any potential guest. No adjustments to the reservation terms can be made for a particular confirmed reservation or reservation request after it has been created.

  1. Guests will use the website to review the Ads, check availability, and request accommodation reservations.
  2. The Guest confirms the Accommodation Request by entering the payment information and accepting the Terms and Conditions. By confirming the Reservation Request and providing the details of your payment card, the Guest expresses his will to conclude a use license for the Accommodation of the Manager in the established period and time.
  3. At the time the Booking Request is submitted, the Guest is agreeing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and the Contract that he signs with the Manager that regulates the relationship between the guest and the Manager.
  4. The Guest also confirms that they have reviewed the Accommodation Announcement and that the Accommodation meets their needs.
  5. The Guest may be asked to verify their identity.
  6. In all Property Listings on the Manager has chosen the “immediate confirmation” service. The Guest will receive the Confirmation of Accommodation in a few minutes. The reservation (“Reservation”) is confirmed on the date and time of sending the Reservation Confirmation to the Guest.
  7. We will collect the full amount of the Reservation Request, including the security deposit, cleaning costs and tourist taxes or fees. We intervene as an intermediary web platform of the Manager and the Guest to facilitate the contract for the occupation in short-term rentals of the Accommodation. Payment will be made within 24 hours of the guest’s arrival.
  8. The Manager and the Guest agree that at the same time the Booking Confirmation is sent, a legally binding contract is made and enters into force between the Guest and the Manager. We are not a party to such a Contract. The confirmation of the reservation is perfected with the signing of a contract between the guest and the Manager on arrival at the apartment or at the time the remaining amount of rent is paid to the Manager. We are not part of this Contract that is established between the Guest and the Manager.
  9. The Guest will be responsible for all taxes derived from their rental of the Accommodation – including for example any hotel or tourist tax (or equivalent) – and these will be included in the figure of the Confirmation of Accommodation.
  10. As a Guest, once the Reservation has been confirmed, the reservation is personal, exclusive and non-transferable without the prior consent of the Manager.
  11. If the Guest does not receive a Booking Confirmation please let us know immediately by calling us on +34 946 746 322 or sending us an email to
  12. Guests understand that a confirmed Accommodation Reservation is a limited authorization granted by the Manager to the Guest to enter, occupy and use the Accommodation during the period of their stay.
  13. Guests agree with the Manager and Purodreams:
    1. leave the Accommodation no later than the departure time that the Manager specifies in the Announcement or any other time that by mutual agreement has been previously established by the Guest and the Manager;
    2. that if they stay in the Accommodation beyond the departure time without the Manager’s consent, they are not authorized to do so and the Manager has the right to make the Guest leave in accordance with the applicable laws;
  14. The Manager appoints and expressly authorizes Purodreams to act as a collection agent with the sole and limited purpose of receiving payments, and when appropriate to make refunds, to the Guest on behalf of the Manager regarding the Reserve. You as a Guest confirm and agree that when receiving payments from you we do so as a collection agent, acting on behalf of the Manager with the sole purpose of accepting them, passing the Accommodation Fees, and if it came from the Security Deposit and other payments due, the Manager in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and the Purodreams / Manager Agreement and, as a collecting agent, we will be the registered merchant to receive the advance payments of the reservation request made through
  15. Please note that the Purodreams Service Fee is non-refundable.
  16. Please note that neither we nor any Manager will be responsible for any additional fees, costs, or expenses that you may have incurred in connection with the canceled reservation (including travel expenses or event tickets).
  17. It is recommended to take out adequate travel insurance that covers any Booking that you can make through Purodreams.
  18. Purodreams is not responsible to the Guest (or the Manager) in relation to any payment that the Guest makes without intermediation of Purodreams or for services made in connection with these payments.
  19. After staying in one of the accommodations the guest can give a rating and leave comments on our website. The Guest agrees that:
    1. the comment represents your honest opinion after your stay at the Accommodation, which is fair, true and fact-based;
    2. Your rating and / or comment will not be offensive, defamatory or discriminatory;
    3. We have the right to use that comment on our website or other media platform, and to modify its content, at our discretion;
    4. We have the right to attribute such comment to your username; and
  20. We may remove the comment from our website at any time and at our sole discretion. We disclaim any and all liability, to the extent permitted by law, in relation to any comments on our website.
  21. Although we verify the professional management agencies and review the information they send us about the accommodation, we do not carry out extensive background checks on it or on the identity of the Managers.

VII. – Expenses, fees and payments

  1. To be a Member of Purodreams you do not have to pay any fee but certain fees apply in relation to our services, which are:
    1. “Accommodation Fee”: fees – in whole or in part – that we collect from Guests on behalf of the Manager for the occupation of the Manager’s Accommodation and any additional services that have been requested.
    2. “Security Deposit”: amount specified in the Accommodation Announcement, a deposit against all damage caused in the Accommodation during the Guest’s stay. The amount will be imposed as established in this Article.
    3. “Purodreams Service Fee”: fee we charge for our services. The Purodreams Service Fee stands at 15% on apartments and 10% on villas and mansions (excluding the taxes applicable) of the total of the Reservation Request plus the extra services that have been contracted through the platform and discounting the security deposit, the expenses of cleaning and tourist taxes or fees. Guests acknowledge and agree that once the Booking Confirmation has been sent, the Purodreams Service Fee is non-refundable.
    4. For seasonal rentals, we apply a differentiated fee based on the rental duration: a 10% fee for rentals of less than 9 months and the equivalent of one month’s rent for rentals of more than 9 months (excluding the taxes applicable). This fee is calculated on the total rent amount, excluding applicable taxes, security deposit, cleaning expenses, and tourist taxes or fees.

VIII. – Cancellation and refunds

1 – Cancellation by the Guest

  1. Booking changes are not included in the last minute accommodations managed by Reservations made through cannot be modified or cancelled, unless otherwise indicated by the property manager in the property file.

  2. In the specific cases permitted by the Manager, Guests may cancel the Reservation in accordance with the terms established by the Manager in the Lodging Advertisement.

  3. By making the Reservation, Guests confirm that they understand and are bound by the Manager’s Applicable Cancellation terms, which shall be strictly construed.

  4. The Puro Dreams Service Fee is non-refundable under no circumstances.

2 – Cancellation by the Manager

  1. The Manager agrees not to cancel the Reserve except in exceptional circumstances.
    1. However, if the Manager cancels a Reservation; or it is considered that a Reservation has been canceled because they have not given access to the Accommodation at the time of check-in or the reasonable one that they had mutually agreed upon or because the Manager’s action / actions have led to a cancellation; You can then notify us of your refund claim, and must do so within 24 hours of the cancellation by the Manager or cancellation in question.
    2. We will then notify the Manager and if, in our sole discretion, we establish that the Guest
      1. has not directly or indirectly caused the circumstances described above (by action, omission or negligence); and
      2. you are the Guest who has made the Reservation; and
      3. You have made reasonable efforts to cooperate with the Manager if you needed to arrange a reasonable alternate check-in time; and
      4. notified the Manager that she would not be able to be at the scheduled check-in time and made arrangements for a reasonable check-in alternative.
    3. And when the Guest has not made (and has confirmed to us that it will not) a return request, we, in cooperation with the Guest, either:
      1. We will transfer the Booking / payment to another Purodreams property of reasonable equivalence to that chosen by the Guest (subject to availability and convenience).
      2. We will refund the Guest the Reservation Fee, the Purodreams Service Fee and any fees or payments that the Guest pays for additional services when he made the reservation.
    4. If the Manager opposes the Guest’s claim for reimbursement, in such case, taking into account the evidence of both parties, we will establish whether the return to the Guest is appropriate and our decision will be final and binding on all parties.
    5. If a refund claim occurs, both the Guest and the Manager agree that they will act in good faith, cooperating with us and with each other.
  2. Please note that neither we nor the Manager will be responsible for any additional charges, costs or expenses that the Guest has incurred in relation to the cancellation of the Reservation (including travel expenses, tickets to events, travel expenses, etc.) It is therefore highly recommended that the Guest take out adequate travel insurance to cover any Reservation made through Purodreams.

IX. – Claims and conflict resolution

In case of conflicts between a property manager and a guest. Conflicts must be reported during the stay or the subsequent period that begins at the time of departure and ends 48 hours later. Any conflict not reported during this period should be resolved between the property manager and the guest directly, and has no responsibility to mediate in these cases. In addition, for a security deposit to be used in the resolution of conflicts, the conflict must be reported by email to during the defined period.

The provisions set forth below will apply to disputes that arise between Guests and Manager in relation to the Reserve.

  1. – Conflicts at check-in
    1. If the Manager has provided an inventory and the Guest finds that there are objects that are not in the Accommodation or that the appliances in the Accommodation are considerably different from those described in the Ad or are not in good condition, the Guest must notify the Manager. within 24 hours of check-in.
    2. If the Guest informs the Manager of any of the events described in paragraph 1 above, the Manager must use all reasonable efforts to remedy such situation to the reasonable satisfaction of the Guest within 24 hours of notification. If it is not possible to solve it within 24 hours, the Manager must contact the Guest and reach a solution as soon as is reasonable.
  1. -Conflicts arising during the Guest’s stay
  1. If during the Guest’s stay any problem arises with the Accommodation and / or household appliances in the Accommodation, the Guest must notify the Manager of the problem as soon as reasonably possible and in any case within 24 hours of realizing the problem. . The Manager must use all reasonable efforts to resolve the situation to the reasonable satisfaction of the Guest within 24 hours of being notified. If it is not possible to solve it within 24 hours, the Manager must contact the Guest and reach a solution as soon as is reasonable.
  2. Any claim of the Manager, in relation to the damages caused in the Accommodation or any other matter related to the stay, must be communicated to the Guest and to us within 48 hours after the Guest’s departure.
  3. Any claim or controversy of the Guest in relation to the deductions of the Security Deposit must be communicated to the Manager and to us within 48 hours after the deduction is notified to the Guest.
  4. The Guest and the Manager agree to act in good faith and cooperate with each other to resolve any dispute. However, if the Manager and the Guest do not resolve any of the controversies referred to within 48 hours after one of the parties notifies the other of the controversy, in such case, either party may notify Purodreams.
  5. The Manager must notify Purodreams within 48 hours of the Guest’s departure if any damage has been caused to the Accommodation. We will also ask the Manager to prove such damage. If the Manager does not make any notification within the following 48 hours, we will assume that the damage has not been caused by the Guest, unless proof is presented suggesting otherwise.
  6. When a claim has been submitted to us (including claims regarding damage to the Accommodation and / or deductions from the Security Deposit), we will investigate the matter and respond to the Guest and / or Manager as soon as possible. To communicate with each of the parties we will use the contact information provided in the Booking Confirmation, unless otherwise stated. Each party must provide us with all the information and evidence reasonably necessary to investigate the claim. We will use all reasonable efforts to mediate and resolve any dispute within 7 days of when we were first notified, but we do not guarantee or guarantee that we will resolve any dispute within 7 days or not at all.
  7. If, after 7 days from the date of notification to Purodreams of any dispute (or earlier, if Purodreams decides, in its absolute discretion, that it will not be able to provide a solution to the dispute within that period), the resolution has not been resolved. controversy, the Guest and the Manager may agree to professional mediation. You can access the European Commission’s online dispute resolution platform here: Both, Manager and Guest, agree that they will comply with all the terms and conditions established in Purodreams.
  8. Both parties agree to cooperate and assist Purodreams in good faith and provide you with the necessary information, taking any action reasonably requested by Purodreams in relation to any claims for damages or other claims or complaints made by the other party regarding the stay. in the Accommodation or personal effects or other goods in the Accommodation.
  9. The Guest agrees not to initiate any legal proceeding against the Manager or to initiate a refund on the payment card until the completion of any Mediation or Arbitration procedures carried out pursuant to this Claims Resolution and Dispute Resolution Article.

X. – Information storage stores the following information: all relevant data related to the accommodation of the managers, including descriptive texts, rich media such as photos and videos, prices and availability; Personal and company data that you provide us in the registration process.

  1. – Identity of (l) Guest (s) and conduct
  1. The person making the reservation must be a Guest staying in the Accommodation – unless the Guest clearly informs the Manager to the contrary (eg when booking is made by an agent).
  2. The maximum number of people and animals allowed in the Accommodation is established in the Announcement. If more people or animals are accommodated, clause 7 of the Cancellation and Refund Article will apply.
  3. We monitor all messages on the platform between Guests, users and Managers: if we consider it necessary, we will help the Guest or the Manager by answering any questions that may arise. We also have full authority to review and hide messages that violate our Terms and Conditions.
  4. Unless otherwise stated with the Manager, you must be over 25 years old to reserve Accommodation through our site. Children under 25 may be included as additional Guests of the Accommodation subject to the House Rules.

XI. – Cancellation of your subscription to Purodreams – terms applicable to Guests

  1. You can cancel your registration with us (and therefore your subscription to Purodreams) at any time by sending us an email to
  2. In the event of having breached these Terms and Conditions (or if we reasonably suspect so), we can suspend or end your registration (and therefore your subscription to Purodreams) by sending an email.
  3. Please note that canceling your Purodreams subscription does not entitle you to any refund in relation to the Accommodation you have booked and paid for prior to the date of any cancellation or termination.
  4. For the avoidance of any doubt, this Article does not apply to members who are Guests.

XII. – Provisions regarding content

  1. The photographs and information that appear on our portal are provided directly by the Managers and they can modify them periodically and at any time. We, or our licensees, have all the rights on our website and all the content available through it and / or social networks. This includes all intellectual property rights.
  2. In consideration that you accept that you must abide by these Terms and Conditions, we grant you as Manager a non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use our site and digital content during the period of your subscription to Purodreams in order to manage your Accommodation . Anything else beyond what is established here is prohibited and we reserve any other right.
  3. You agree to use the system only for its intended purpose. Hacking of software, reuse of our software code, access to materials for which you have not been authorized to use, and deliberate placement of the platform under undue stress and repeated harassment of other users by unsolicited email or other means of communication are strictly prohibited. You agree not to: (a) copy any element of our website or digital content; (b) make alterations or modifications to all or part of our website or digital content, or allow all or part of our website to be combined or incorporated with any other program; (c) use any element of our website or digital content illegally, for any non-legal purpose, or inconsistent with these terms of use, or act fraudulently or maliciously, for example, hacking or inserting malicious code, including viruses, harmful programs, or misusing our website by knowingly introducing Trojans, worms, logic bombs or other material that is malicious or technologically harmful; (d) attempt to gain unauthorized access to our website, server (s) on which our website is hosted, or any server, computer or database connected to our website; (e) attack our websites for denial of service attacks or with distributed denial of service attacks on our website; (f) publish any defamatory, indecent, deceptive, discriminatory or offensive content on our website; (g) break down any personal or sensitive information of any person; (h) impersonate any person; (i) use our website or digital contact to find a Manager and make a reservation at your accommodation without using our website, in order to avoid the obligation to pay the Purodreams Service Fee; (j) Advertise directly to other Purodreams Members without our consent; (k) use any data mining, collection or extraction tool to collect usernames, emails or any other information from our website for any purpose; or (l) infringe our intellectual property rights or those of a third party in relation to your use of our website or digital content.
  4. To the extent that our website provides a platform for third-party applications, websites, and services or links to third-party websites, you acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for the features or content thereof, or that They have been provided by an application, service or link of a third party.

XIII. – Responsibility

  1. Our website and digital content is provided “as is” and, to the extent permitted by law, we exclude all conditions, warranties, representations and other terms that may apply to our website or our digital content. , either expressly or implicitly. In particular (but not only) we exclude all guarantees regarding the reliability or precision of any digital content.
  2. These Terms and Conditions will in no way exclude or limit our liability for: (a) death or personal injury resulting from our negligence; (b) fraudulent representation; or (any other liability that cannot be excluded or limited under Spanish law.
  3. However, to the extent permitted by law and subject to paragraph 4 below:
    1. our maximum responsibility towards you as a Guest (whether in contract, extra-contractual, negligence, lack of representation or any other legal type of liability) in relation to the use or inability to use or delay in the use of any element of our site website or any digital content will be limited to the total money paid by the Guest in relation to the relevant Accommodation using our service; or 1 EUR (in relation to any other claim that may be brought against us by a Purodreams Member or any other visitor to our website); and
    2. We will have no liability, whether derived from contract, tort, negligence, lack of representation or any other legal heading / type of liability for any:
      1. indirect or consecutive losses, damages, costs or expenses;
      2. loss of benefits (either direct or indirect);
      3. loss of reputation;
      4. loss, damage or corruption of data;
      5. the behavior or misbehavior of any Guest or Manager; or
      6. any loss caused to a Guest or Manager under the Contract between the Guest and the Manager, including any damage or injury suffered by a Manager, a Guest or any member of their group;
      7. and in each case, whether or not such losses were reasonably foreseeable or we would have been warned of the possibility of incurring such losses.
  4. Our responsibility towards Purodreams Members in their capacities as Managers will be as established in the Manager / Purodreams Contract.
  5. The Managers are independent contractors and not agents of Purodreams. Purodreams is not responsible for the acts, errors or omissions, representations, breaches or negligence of the Manager.
  6. Nothing in these Terms or in the use of by the manager creates, or is intended to establish, any association or joint venture between Purodreams and you.
  7. The Parties will not be in breach of these Terms and Conditions nor will they be responsible for the delay of action or breach, any of their obligations in these Terms and Conditions if such delay or breach is due to a terrorist attack or damage to the Accommodation caused by the fire, flood or explosion.
  8. The Guest expressly agrees that, (except as established in clause 2.1. Of this Article) neither Purodreams nor our workers or agents are responsible in any way for any damage or injury that the Guest or any member on their part may suffer in connection with accommodation.
  9. The Guest agrees to pay the Manager all the costs, claims, losses or reasonable expenses that the Manager has suffered as a result of his breach of the Terms and Conditions (or the breach by any person in the Accommodation during his stay) .
  1. – Purodreams Best Price Guarantee

We review the prices of all our Houses to ensure that when you book with us you pay unbeatable prices. We are so sure that you will not find cheaper than if you find it, we will match it.

  1. If you find a better price for an identical reservation elsewhere:
    1. Contact us by providing us with the information of the cheapest offer before making the reservation.
    2. Include a link to the ad, your travel dates, and the number of guests or the date of the cheapest offer.
    3. The cheapest price you find must be for the same house, dates, length of stay, currency, include all taxes, fees, rates, especially those applicable to the guest
    4. Our sales team will study your claim and will contact you on the same day with details of how to proceed.
    5. Claims will only be accepted by email, accompanied by sufficient evidence of the Lowest Price (in the form of a screenshot)
  2. The Best Price Guarantee does not apply when:
    1. the Lowest Price is made as part of a package or any promotion with a third party (including, but not limited to, promotions with newspapers, exhibitions or other special events); or
    2. The Lowest Price is unpublished and not available to the general public. These include, but are not limited to; Company rates, employee rates, consolidation rates, wholesale prices, student prices, closed user group rates, and rates where the details of the provider are not known until after the purchase; or
    3. the Lowest Price has been lowered by an online retailer using coupons, redemption of loyalty incentives or the like, and other offers or incentives to reduce the total cost; or
    4. The difference in cost between the house on and the Lowest Price is the result of an error by the Lowest Price retailer; or
    5. Purodreams cannot verify, using reasonable means, that the Lowest Price is available. This can be at any time within two days of receiving your claim at the discretion of Purodreams; or
    6. You have exercised your right to a refund or canceled your Reservation before requesting the Lowest Price Guarantee. The usual Purodreams terms for cancellations and refunds will apply; or
    7. The Lowest Price is available after the date of your Reservation.
  3. If your Best Price Guarantee claim succeeds, we will modify Purodreams to match the Lowest Price before you make your reservation. Price matching is the only and exclusive compensation we will make to eligible applicants who demonstrate that Purodreams has failed to meet its Best Price Guarantee.

XVI. – Miscellaneous

We process your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. By using our website, you consent to such processing and guarantee that all the information provided is true.

We do not guarantee that our website is safe and free from errors or viruses.

We may notify you by using the email address you have provided to us in the account registration phase.

We may, but are not required, to manually monitor, review, respond to, or hide all communications from our website for fraud prevention, risk assessment, regulatory compliance, research, product development, search, and customer support services. We may also monitor, review, respond to, or hide all communications to debug, implement, or expand our product offerings.

Each clause, paragraph or subparagraph of these Terms and Conditions take effect independently. If any court or competent authority decides that any of them is contrary to the law or inapplicable, the remaining clauses, paragraphs or subparagraphs will remain fully in force.

In the event of a discrepancy between Spanish and any translated version of the Property Manager’s Terms and Conditions, the Spanish version will prevail.

To contact us send an email to:

In the event that a document needs to have the original signature of one of the parties; we, the Guest and the Manager agree that it can be signed by electronic signature (whatever the form that the electronic form has) and that this method of signing is conclusive of the intention of the party to be bound by the document as if it were signed in handwritten form. To avoid any confusion, the Manager / Purodreams Contract does not need an original signature since its terms are binding in accordance with the provisions of the articles contained in these Terms and Conditions.

We can update these terms at any time without prior notice. If we modify these terms, we will post the modification on the website, applications or services, which are effective upon publication. Continued use of our website and Purodreams services after any modification implies consent to such modification.

Nothing in these Terms or in your use of the Purodreams.COM site creates, or is intended to establish, any association or joint venture between Purodreams.COM and you.

XVII. – Jurisdicción
These Terms and Conditions are carried out in accordance with the laws of Spain and any disagreement will be resolved in the corresponding court in Bizkaia.

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